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How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen in Sarasota, Florida?

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? You aren't alone. Thousands of families across the US are choosing to improve their homes by starting remodeling projects this year. In fact the rate of kitchen and bath remodels are skyrocketing. With the increasing amount of time we are spending at home, our desire and need to renovate has never been greater. We want and need to be happy at home because we are there all the time!

Kitchens now days are doing triple duty. We are trying to make do with all sorts of new situations that we never anticipated before. Multiple cooks may be bumping into each other, kids are doing their remote classes on the island, and even zoom business calls are taking place from the kitchen counter.

With home equity at an all time high and low interest rates on top of that, families feel its a great time to take on remodeling projects. Also with families not able to go on vacation last year, they may have more savings to work with. Psychologically it makes total sense that families are taking the plunge on reinventing their kitchens with better layouts, and a fresh new look, because they are just plain tired of looking at dated kitchens. With home prices continuing to gain, despite the economic downturn, Sarasota demand for housing is soaring. With higher price tags on a new home, it just makes sense to fix what we have rather than buy a whole new home. In the end our home and surroundings do affect our mood and overall quality of life.

Generally, the first question on anyone's mind when considering a remodel is: "How much will it cost?

Your final cost will be influenced by whether you do a minor upgrade of the kitchen, or a full renovation. And as with all things, the final cost will be affected by the quality of the materials and finishes you are choosing. Remodeling Magazine in 2020 compared the average cost of minor kitchen remodels for mid-ranged to high end. Here is what that data predicted on the cost of the upgrade.

A minor kitchen remodel is considered one that leaves the original layout. That is the cabinets you have now will stay. Where you have the appliances positioned will also stay the same.

Minor Remodel List (Sarasota)
200 square foot kitchen
New cabinet panels
New cabinet hardware
New cooktop & oven range
New more energy efficient Refrigerator
Mid- priced sink and faucet
New lighting fixtures,
Fresh paint for walls and trim
Minor remodel with mid-range kitchen cost = $22,000 to $23,400


Major Remodel List (Sarasota)

200 square foot kitchen
new kitchen cabinets - 30 linear feet of semi-custom wood cabinets
Adding or switching out 3-by-5-foot island
laminate countertops
double-tub stainless steel sink
with standard single-lever faucet.
energy-efficient range
vented range hood
built-in microwave
garbage disposal
custom lighting
new resilient flooring
fresh paint for walls, ceiling, and trim
Major kitchen remodel for mid-range kitchen cost = $64,000 to $65,000

The good news is you'll get a substantial portion of your remodeling investment back. Sarasota homeowners can expect to get a return of 69% of what they put in.

That's not too shabby of a return. You'll get most of your money back at 69% ROI. Let's break that down. If you invest $22,000 in your kitchen remodel. Your family will enjoy the new kitchen for as long as you want, and when you sell you can expect to get back $15,150. This means that your new kitchen and all the pleasure that comes with it will only cost $6.850

Brand New Kitchen + More Interested Buyers= The Faster Your Home Sells
Added bonus - having a fresh new kitchen in your home will attract a lot of interest from buyers. This means your home will probably get more offers than it would of. As a result it will sell faster.

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How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen in Sarasota

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